New platform to serve independent housebuilders launches

Warren Lewis
14th March 2017
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Residential property market specialist, Hometrack, has announced the launch of a new platform that will provide small and medium-sized housebuilders with intelligence on their local housing markets.

The online dashboard has been created in response to growing demand from property developers of all sizes for independent, granular market insight to help support growth.

‘Hometrack for Housebuilders’ will help guide businesses in making important purchasing decisions by delivering hyper-local analysis into the region in which they operate. The online dashboard will provide housebuilders with a detailed breakdown of local house prices and enable them to identify areas where pricing levels are most likely to overheat or, conversely, locations where house price growth is accelerating.

The residential development industry is underpinned by the land market and therefore Hometrack believes housebuilders of all sizes should have a more accurate, data-driven view of all the key housing metrics in their region. By benchmarking the performance of local markets surrounding the housebuilders’ sales outlet, ‘Hometrack for Housebuilders’ will help key decision makers effectively minimise risks while growing output volumes.

Alex Rose, Managing Director of Data Analytics at Hometrack, said: “The launch of ‘Hometrack for Housebuilders’ is designed to support the smaller players in particular by giving them the tools and ultimately the confidence to continue investing. With ongoing economic uncertainty, small and medium-sized housebuilders can benefit from access to independent intelligence to help support their growth plans. We hope the platform will act as an extra layer of comfort for housebuilders by providing senior management teams with valuable insight to forecast profitability, optimise values and reduce risk.”

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